Monday, August 11, 2008

What day is it?

"What day is it?" is a common refrain here. I had heard that it got confusing and all the days ran together but yesterday I truly felt it for the first time. I finally broke down, grabbed a sharpie and wrote "Today is Monday 8.11, Day 3" and put it smack in front of me. This whole time difference with events being broadcast live in prime time but happening first thing in the morning - so they happen on a Monday here but air on a Sunday in the states.... add that confusion to the lack of sleep, the ground-hog dayness, the freezing cold and florescent lighting of the compound and it's a genuine problem!!

Beach volleyball is so fun to watch but I get really nervous when the women compete ... surely one of those girls is going to lose her bottoms? How do they keep those things on? I'm adding this my list of "Things That Confuse Me." Apparently, did a great piece on how to play volleyball in a bikini. Maybe once I get a chance to watch, it will ease my worries.

And omg - Kerri Walsh lost her ring in the sand while playing on Monday!! The busted out the metal detectors and found it in the sand. Phew! So then what does that crazy woman go and do? She puts it back on and plays with it again! Granted, she put a bunch of tape around it but still. You just lost your wedding ring in the sand at the Olympics. Surely your husband will understand if you take it off for an hour while you play at the OLYMPICS. I get that she's in a bikini and she's one of those totally annoying gorgeous people so maybe this is her way of saying "taken and uh, back off" - but honestly, people probably know that anyway. You're on tv and you have a hyphenated name. Take off the ring!

(Her husband had "6' of sunshine" engraved on the ring - apparently that's his nickname for her. How cute!! awww)

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