Wednesday, August 20, 2008

smacked down

the other day we embarked on "Get Russian Stuff" part deux.

It didn't go well.... Again.

I realize that in these politically charged times wearing anything from Russia is probably not the smartest idea. Just ask Becky Harmon. However, I have been a fan of russian gymnastics forever and scoring a piece of their national uniforms from the Olympics would be almost as good as getting Olympic chalk. ..... Almost.

We went the other day back to Ho-Hai where the Russian House is located. (snicker - bar district) We'd heard that they were for sure selling stuff and you could for sure buy it. Great. Credit cards armed and loaded.

We skip to the house with big dreams of walking away with Russian jackets, confident that this time they'll let us in and surely be ecstatic that we want to wear their stuff. ... ummmm, not exactly. We got so denied, it wasn't even funny. Nyet, Nyet! The dude who we talked to at the door of the Russia House almost laughed at us! He didn't speak the best english so I kept tugging at his team russia polo shirt and saying 'we - want - to - buy - you!' .. I don't know for sure, but he may have taken that the wrong way.

Smacked down by the Russians.


Today we go for a third try. But tonight we'll also hit up the USA House to get some patriotic stuff which I will totally proudly wear. If I actually score a Russian jacket tonight, it may have to just hang in my closet for awhile, number one because I don't want to get slapped by a Georgian and two, because I'm still pretty peeved that the ruskie laughed at my offer to buy him.

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