Sunday, April 5, 2009

dear heart, you ain't worth that much

I've been looking into getting a heart rate monitor lately. I like doing stuff with my heart and I would like to know how my heart feels about that. So a heart rate monitor seems like a good way to find out.

I came across this little doozy during my search...

Ok, so at $350, it actually does the workout FOR you, right? I know that there are GPS units out there that are like 7 thousand dollars or something but sheesh.... how much information do you really need in order to work out? (and let me say upfront that I fully expect to spend 350 in the near future on a fancy hr monitor/speed/gps thingy because I will succumb to the IWANTITNOWITISSOPRETTY monster.)

Another digression: that "I want it now it is so pretty" was submitted to my vocabulary by one cousin lynda via an email discussing purses. She improves my language skillz.

But getting back to Mr Fancy Watch. I wonder if it would do interval workouts or push-ups for me.... surely there's a button or setting for that, right? My "write clever stuff" button on my laptop is F7 so I'm assuming Fancy has something similar.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Conan and Bloomberg r like 2 peas in a pod

I'm a huge Conan O'Brien fan even though I hardly ever watch his show anymore. A) past my bedtime and B) john stewart is currently bogarting my DVR storage.

The thing is that with Conan, you don't need to be a consistent watcher to know what's up or what's going on. It's kind of always the same. And I don't mean that in a negative way at all - it's just that his style of comedy is consistent. Consistently comfortable. Consistently silly. Consistently easily digestible.

I had recorded Inside the Actors Studio from forever ago when he was on and I finally got around to watching it. He had a line that made me pause the recording, contemplate it for a second and then race to grab a pen and paper to jot it down because it was so simple but so true. And my refrigerator likes quotes. (and that adorable picture of Demitri Martin currently gracing the freezer)

He said: "Nobody really knows what they're doing. And there's two ways to go with that information. One is to be afraid. And the other is to be liberated. And I choose to be liberated."

Ok, not exactly earth shattering new logic but it struck a chord with me.

My other favorite quote is one from Mayor Bloomberg that hung next to my bed forever. When he said this, he was at a fashion awards show of all places - the CDFA addressing Proenza Schouler if you're interested - and he said: "Don't listen to anyone. Because if you truly are innovative, no one is going to think you're doing it right."

Those two go together like a glorious, well crafted, PB&J sandwich.

Because it's so true. If you really are doing something new, different and innovative, it's going to feel completely wrong at first. And that's a really hard emotion to work through. We're such cows in that way. And by cows, I mean, sheep. Except it seemed funnier to write 'cows.'

Anyway - our herd mentality is why there aren't more geniuses in the world and tis a damn shame.