Friday, August 8, 2008

A bunker in Nebraska

(This is written with the help of Jessica Steyers)

Top Ten ways working for the Olympics is like living in a bunker in Nebraska.

1) No one knows we're here

2) Daylight is something you just hear about

3) The florescent lighting

4) Lester Holt

5) Really unhealthy food choices

6) You can never find the exit

7) It's not absurd to walk around in a Puffy Coat and mittens

8) Closed circuit are your only tie to this so called "outside world"

9) Conversations about men in speedos can dominate an evening

10) You're not on Beijing time, you're on peacock-jing time.

11) Every single thing you want is in this airline hanger. There's NEVER a need to leave.

(Ok, that was eleven, but we count differnt in China)

("It won't refresh!!! It's still in dynamic!!! AAAHHH!!!!!" You would understand if you lived in a bunker in Nebraska)

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