Friday, August 8, 2008

Hands out of my coffee!

All right, I may have reached my fill of Chinese helpfulness. This morning, at Starbucks, I got my coffee and like normal, went to accessorize it with coffee condiments. I was able to grab the sugar but one of the workers was blocking my reach for the a coffee stirrer. She saw me reach for it and then proceeded to grab a stirrer, stick it in my coffee and STIR IT FOR ME! Ahhhhh!!!! That's my limit. No stirring my coffee!

Opening ceremony is today! (and I learned today that it's "Ceremony" not "Ceremonies" - very important to not say it wrong. Why, I don't know... but I am nothing if not a strict rule follower. Kidding.) Unfortunately the sky is greyer than ever. There is a huge fireworks display planned judging from the snippets of rehearsals I've caught, but I don't know how they're going to pull it off with this smoggy haze. Firework smoke has a way of hanging around on a clear day, but in this humidity and smog, the smoke isn't even going to move! The first firework will be seen and then the rest are going to disappear into the haze. Very sad :(

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