Saturday, January 9, 2010

sliver of hope??

There's been a lot of turmoil in the USOC since, well, forever. But it seems that the basket of dirty laundry really got tossed right after Chicago lost the Olympic bid. The CEO was canned and basically everyone that had anything to do with the USOC came out and dumped a pile of steaming dog poop to whoever in the media would listen.

It was really sad. Basically, it turned out that the USOC is why Chicago lost the bid. Because they're a bunch of bickering, power-hungry idiots and the IOC didn't want to play with them. (remember that first round loss in the bidding? sigh..... )

Alan Abrahamson wrote a great blog on the incoming CEO

Being the Olympics nut job that I am, it really bothers me that the USOC doesn't always, 100 percent, without question, without doubt, act in the best interest of the athlete. Yes - I'm naive. But hey - I also believe in Olympic miracles! It's my high holy weeks!

So when the governing organization shows itself to be corrupt and greedy and only driven by power and dollars, well, that really chaps my hide.

However, on Wednesday, I saw a sliver of hope, a glimpse of sparkle, one last cookie in the jar......

"I am a big fan of John Wooden. He talks about success being defined by making sure you gave it your best shot and making sure you acted with integrity and honesty in your dealings with others, and that's going to be the foundation of this organization going forward."

That was new USOC CEO Scott Blackmun during his introduction on Wednesday.

Ok, wait.... the USOC head is quoting John Wooden? Like, UCLA basketball coach John Wooden? Like, John Wooden whose book I have practically destroyed because I keep writing notes in it and underlining phrases and flipping pages and - ok, yes, I hug it too. THAT John Wooden? (Doesn't hurt that John Wooden is also a huge fan of the UCLA gymnastics team, which, if you're not familiar, is pretty much the most amazing team in the history of NCAA..... well, in some people's opinion)

So the incoming head of the USOC quoted John Wooden in his introductory press conference. Have to say I like where this is headed. Fingers crossed.

Of course, if he turns out to go AGAINST everything John Wooden set out and believe in, I will once again be crushed. Please do the right thing USOC. Playing with athlete's dreams is just not cool.

Vancouver - 34 DAYS!