Friday, August 15, 2008

Phelps = Awesome

Phelps won by a fingernail in the men's 100m butterfly. A fingernail! Talk about turning up the heat. He won by .01 seconds.

That was just an incredible race. Phelps won because he made that split second choice to take the extra stroke while the other guy made the choice to coast on the speed he'd already built up.

How do swimmers know their bodies so well to know what changes to make in order to gain tenths of a second on the other guy? It blows me away. I'm adding swimmers to my list of things that confuse. (so far we have beach volleyball girl's bikini bottoms and swimmers for this Olympics - I'm sure there will be more.... speed walking being an Olympic sport is inching its way on there) Anyway - the other's guys hands were inches away from the wall and Phelps' arms were up in the air out of the water and he still managed to touch the wall first. He is a machine.

I just watched that race about ten minutes ago and already I have no idea who Phelp's beat. He's just the other guy. Oh - Cabbage. Or no, Cavic. Sounds like cabbage. Makes me hungry for my mom's awesome corned beef and potato and cabbage thing she makes on St Patricks day. Makes me also wish I still ate cow and pig. What am I talking about? Oh, right, I'm at the Olympics. What day is it? Umm..... day 8. Wowsa. I hope I still remember my name by the end of this!

Phelps = half-dolphin, half-robot.

The boss man just walked in here and was laughing about how it took him forever to get here because the speed walking, I'm sorry "race walking" competition was going on and blocking traffic everywhere. Someone joked that he probably tried to jump in and walk with them and he said, well, actually... Ha - he was standing right by the road when he saw the American come towards him. He wanted to see how fast they actually walked so he started jogging alongside them! Awesome.

I love the steeplechase. That's where a rag-tag group of need-to-eat-a-sandwich skinny runners race around the track and jump over what look like equestrian hurdley things. And then there's one with a giant pool of water below it. And they have to jump right into the water. It seems more like a Japanese game show than a track and field event. I mean, I would take offense being told to jump like a horse and land in some water.

There's a dude from America who will compete at some point and he has a giant lumberjack's beard. I have named him Beardy McLongBeard. Not terribly original, but it suits him. I gotta get a picture with that crazy man.

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