Thursday, August 7, 2008

Potty Talk

Another awesome example of communism happens in the bathrooms at NBC everyday. Now before you get any wacky ideas, I'm talking about the people working the bathrooms.... There is always someone stationed in the bathroom to clean it. Usually there's 2 or 3 people in there cleaning. Always. All the time. ALL the time. Constantly cleaning the sinks, the stalls, the floors. I don't know how they find ways to keep busy but it appears to be a very clean bathroom so I guess whatever they're doing is working.

Yesterday, I was washing my hands chatting to another producer who was grabbing some paper towels. One of the cleaning people came in and she was carrying what appeared to be a heavy box. She was having trouble opening the door and the other producer made a move to go over to help her open the door. The Chinese woman quickly dropped her box and ran over to meet HER at the paper towels thinking that she wanted help with the towels. The producer tried to tell her no, no, I wanted to help you! But the Chinese woman just smiled and proceeded to hand her paper towels.

I have quite quickly become accustomed to being waited on hand and foot - weird that it wasn't that hard to adjust to! (I emptied my own tray of food for the very first time yesterday - yay me!!) But yesterday I picked up a gold medal in the "Asshole of the Day" category. I was in the cafeteria and decided that I wanted a sandwich for lunch. Normally, there are a gaggle of workers behind the counters just staring at you and asking you what they can get you. Yesterday there was only one Australian chef. I looked at the sandwich and said "I'll have that please". He gave me a funny look and said in an Aussie accent "Yeh can just grab it yourself mate". I looked down and sure enough, there it was on a self-serve tray.... D'OH!!!! How embarrassing.

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