Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Some pics from the past few days

I've been slacking on my photo narrative lately...

The Opening Ceremony!

A TsingTao to kick off the festivities... not sure if that's allowed in the MPC but the night certainly called for some libations.

When the Chinese athletes entered the arena, the place went BONKERS.

It can sometimes appear that the entire nation of China wears these shirts. They're for the volunteers.

The Olympic torch being lit

The fireworks from the Opening Ceremony

My most favorite places in Beijing - Bird's Nest and Water Cube. Picturesque. Even through the smog!

ok - no - THIS is my most favorite place in Beijing!

During the women's team prelims, there was a torrential downpour. As we left, we were greeted by free parkas! Nice! FREE?!?!??

The Olympic torch lit at night - view from my hotel. Sigh...

Well, not EVERYthing is modern in Beijing yet. Olympic land is so sleek, big, modern, fresh - it's always a jolt to be reminded that the country hosting us is still a different world.

How I tell time... and yes, I update it daily, duh.


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