Thursday, August 21, 2008

Misty and Kerri

Awwww... Misty May and Kerri won again! They haven't lost a match for over a year now. A YEAR! That's incredible in itself - but what makes them such an endearing team to me is how much each win means to them. And how much this Olympic gold meant to them. They were so emotional after the win and so excited to win - if you didn't know better, you'd think this was their first games and their first win. I love that they still appreciate the victories and don't take it for granted. Because if anyone has the right to take a win for granted - it's them.

As they were doing their victory laps, Misty caught a glimpse of the ridiculous cheerleaders on the side doing a dance and she started to do it along with them! It was hilarious. One of my favorite moments of the games so far. Next to Nastia winning of course, oh and Shawn. And being nyet'ed by russia.. and chalk!.... Ok, well, it's top ten for sure.

They were so excited to get on the podium during the medal ceremony. While the bronze medal team was getting their flowers, Misty kept putting her foot up on the podium like she was about to jump up - super cute. When they finally were announced, they bounded right up to the top step and forgot to congratulate the other teams. They realized their mistake while they were being handed their flowers and were like "D'oh!!' and turned to give the other teams giant bear hugs while the official Olympic flower dude is like, hey - take my flowers!! Very sweet.

As they turned to listen to the anthem, they both put down their flowers so they could hold hands while it was playing. Again, so sweet. Kerri was so choked up - and being the giant sap I am, I welled up with tears every time they replayed it here. They are such amazing people. So glad they got their Olympic moment.... again. Plus, I'm totally sick of hearing that damn china anthem.

So immediately following their win, as they're bouncing around the stadium and hugging everyone and everyone's soaking in the perfect moment - the track and field producer dead-pans "Well, now they can have their babies" and the room was in hysterics. There was something that had happened earlier where it was either a headline or something about what's next for May and Walsh and the main thing it talked about how they wanted to have babies. And the way the headline was worded was just ridiculous.

I hope that translates in blog language. It was pretty darn funny at the time.

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