Wednesday, August 13, 2008


The U.S. women competed this morning and sigh... happy for China, gutted for America. Poor Alicia Sacramone. Early on in her career she was completely inconsistent, hardly the team member you'd call the "sturdy rock" - but in the past four years, she has blossomed into that role. She had slowly but surely established herself as a solid, dependable beam worker and an explosive, reliable floor and vault worker. She worked so hard to get that reputation. And now? Well, maybe people will forget that she was the one who fell on the team - but she'll probably always remember herself as the 'one who choked'.... so sad.

And really - she didn't lose the medal for team. The U.S. was going to need to be flawless and get a little bit of help from China in order to win. And other people made mistakes. So yes, Alicia fell, but no, she didn't lose the medal for the team.

Which brings me to my story.

John Roethlisberger, a super funny and cool 3 time Olympian, is doing some work for during the games. After everything went down this mornnig, it was pretty clear that Alicia was going to end up being the sacraficial lamb in the media - and he wasn't having it. And he was totally right.

So he came up with this idea of "don't throw alicia under the bus" segment that we were going to shoot by ... ta-da! a bus. Super fun, awesome plan.

So we go out to the shuttle area with all the buses, secure a bus to shoot with, stash our stuff out of sight from the shot over behind some other buses and get going (ok - well, we got going after about 15 chinese volunteers had gathered, discussed and FINALLY gave us the go ahead, ugh) So we start the shoot, it's going great and as we're nearing the end, the bus next to us pulls out and starts to drive away. Aannnnnddd :CCCRRRRUUNNNCCHHHHH::

That was my bag.

Under the buses wheels.

My blackberry is in my bag.

And now it's under the buses wheels.

The driver of that bus had to literally step over my bag in order to board the bus and drive away. My bag was right there in front of the door. How he even managed to get the wheels over my bag I will never know. It took some serious skill.

My nbc issued phone was also busted up but that one they were able to replace right away. So I at least have a phone.

But my blllacckkkkbeerrrryyy...... I feel like my arm just got cut off! They don't call that thing a crackberry for nothin'.

Now I'm gutted for Alcia AND myself. Torn about who I feel worse for.

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