Saturday, August 2, 2008

My china rules...

I haven't been arrested yet and I can receive texts. I can't send em, but for some reason I can get them

I have entered full on zombie land with jet lag fever. It's awesome. I'm awesome as zombie. I just wrote "dude" as "dube". Thank god for the Starbucks cafe in catering. The people here are so overly helpful though, this woman actually started to unscrew the milk jug lid for me when I was adding creamer to my coffee. It's a great country to be a lazy sac in.

My three rules
1) Don't drink the water (I keep forgetting when I brush my teeth)
2) Use the buddy system (totally blew that one this morning when I took a 2 mile hike to the OLYMPIC SUPERSTORE and it was freaking closed)
3) Don't get arrested (so far so good. mouth taped when outside helps_
4) If it woofed, it's not food (per Lynda's husband.... words to live by)

that's four and I can't count good

Jai you! (add fuel)

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