Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Time to get going

I'm not great with my left and right. I can barely read an analog clock and I basically suck at math. What that all means is that this thing in my room is just a terrible, cruel joke.

 People that love clocks in the 24 hour time format are like people that love to drink coffee black. It's just .... no, you don't. You don't. How could you? It's disgusting. Like this clock.

(I've now spelled clock wrong about 3 times. Not. Great. Or family friendly)

(And also - I should clarify - I'm not talking about people who grew up with a clock like this. I can 'almost' get how they would be used to it. I'm talking about other lazy Americans who grew up with a mickey mouse digital wristwatch. Or, the green Kermit the Frog one I had.)

Speaking of black coffee. Which I did not drink this morning. I'm trying to turn myself into a green tea drinker in the morning. For two reasons - one, the rest of my day will be filled with starbucks but two, the only coffee in the room is instant and wow - although I decided it wasn't terrible yesterday, I woke up today and thought, yea, no, I don't have to do that today. 

So green tea it is - maybe it'll make me more British. Man, I'm loving hearing their voices everywhere. Can you imagine if I returned with a british accent? Oh my god, I'd be so annoying, it'd be awesome!

Two very long days of Podium Training begin today. Friday is a day of no gymnastics (although definitely NOT an off day) and then two even longer days of preliminary competition on Saturday and Sunday. Podium Training is basically the dress rehearsal for the athletes and the judges - and us. The athletes get used to what it feels like to compete on a raised podium. Not something they typically do - except for world and Olympic competition. The U.S. Championships is on a podium but we're one of the few countries with the resources to be able to do that. I'm pretty sure Canada's national championship took place in a middle school gymnasium during a PTA meeting.


Doodlebug said...

Thinking about you, Cutiepie!

Anonymous said...

If you could combine your Western, Morgan Freeman and the new British thing I would jump off a bridge.