Sunday, July 29, 2012

Opening Ceremony - kind of

"At times brilliant, at others, baffling."

Yep. That's about right.

Best tweet of the night - "Remember when China did this way better?" (@hipstermermaid)

Best moment - that gorgeous cauldron. Wow.Wow.Wow.

I actually enjoyed the replays more than the live broadcast because when it was happening live, all I could think about was how bummed I was that it wasn't Roger Bannister. All I could think was, "wait - seriously??!?! You're letting these CHILDREN light the torch?" (btw kids - enjoy the massive amounts of pressure that you're going to endure for the rest of your lives - "Oh, you're the kid who was nominated by a legend to light the cauldron? Wow - why aren't you better at life?")

Ok. That's all I have time to say about the Opening Ceremony right now - it's the women's prelims round today which means we have 14 hours of live coverage to get through. WHEE!! But don't worry, my friends, I have many, many, many feelings about it that I will share when I have time to sit down and properly write some stuff.

(I say a lot of things like "properly" and "massive" because I'm really British right now.)

One thing I do have time to say is that when asking people about the ceremony yesterday, I was very careful to lead with, "what did YOU think about it?" Because if they were British, chances are they thought it was beautiful. If they weren't, they probably made the same squished face that I did, the face you make when you're trying to understand why anyone would make a shower with only half a door

London, I get it, you're trying to be economically responsible for the games but seriously - I could use the rest of my door now, please. It makes for some awkward mornings.

I've heard that the BBC folks are using NBC's compound to take a few hits at BBC's cheapness at the games - saying things like, "NBC has an entire Starbucks and all the BBC did was put out a teapot!" 

Now normally, I would say something kind to help people understand they why behind the coffee and the commissary and how it's just not feasible to NOT have these things due to the schedules people keep, etc - but my real reaction is to say, "HA! Suck it BBC!"

What was I talking about? Oh, right - the Opening Ceremony. Wow... I guess I did have some time to say a few words about it. Oh well. It's really far more important to cater to my ADD at this point.


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