Thursday, July 26, 2012

It can be a bit harrowing to make your way around the halls of NBC at the Olympics. Everyone is in a massive hurry and everyone’s head is either buried in their phone or buried in thought.... which leads to a lot of fast walking almost-collisions. Every open doorway is a potential crash waiting to happen. People come flying around corners and the hallways have a constant stream of, “ohh, sorry… oof…. My bad… watch… cheers, mate… idiot!” (well, the last one is mostly said on the inside. By me. Because I watch where I’m going.)

It is two days before the Opening Ceremony and the Olympic pulse is starting to pick up. Women’s soccer got underway today and France scored the first goal. After that first goal, a collective gasp went out quickly followed by a series of subconcious tee-hee's as people put their heads back to their work. I definitely wasn't the only one who didn’t realize I was even watching. It just becomes a subconscious thing – Olympic action that matters? Your eyes are looking at the tv. You don’t even know how they got there.

I was walking down the hall after the game and someone commented that the U.S. team had taken the lead in the game. One guy said to the other, "god.... stupid France"

I concur.

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