Friday, July 27, 2012


At the past two Olympics, I’ve gotten 2 or 3 songs stuck in my head and they, unfortunately, end up powering me through the games. There’s just so much crap stimulating your brain - from all of the various sports noise to the monitors to the conversations you’re catching snippets of, to your email and twitter and texts and phone and more email and IMs…. And …. Hold please…. breathe..... Ok, I’m back. So anyway, when my mind starts buzzing out of control and I need to reel it all back in, I put a mindless song on repeat and I settle back down.

In Beijing, my go to zone-out song was (and yes, I realize that this is SO embarrassing) Miley Cyrus, “7 Things”. And there was something else that I’m not remembering. Something by the Veronicas I think. (and YES!! I realize that’s not any better! Shut up!)

In Vancouver it was “One Day” and “Indestructible” from Matisyahu – One Day because it was the NBC promo song and Indestructible because I would run to it in the morning and those runs were some of my favorite moments from those games. (The song is a bit heavy on the ‘yay god’ stuff for me but otherwise lovely.) I can still see the NBC promo to One Day when I hear that song. It’s massively embedded in my head. When I die and my life flashes before me (which, btw, will be hilarious) that promo will probably find a way in to the highlight reel.

So, in London, because I’ve had such horrifying taste in mindless music in the past, I’ve been trying to get my brain to be cool with a little LCD Soundsystem, or maybe a little Paul Simon, even. Just anything to make me feel like I'm not a 13 year old mall going teen. But alas –all my brain wants is…. sigh…. “Call Me Maybe”

I KNOW!!!!!!!!

::places headphones on…. zones out::

P.S. - I'm in good company, at least!
U.S. Swimmer's take on the song

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