Thursday, July 12, 2012

10 days...

It doesn't feel like Vancouver was just yesterday but it certainly doesn't feel like I should be leaving for London in ten days, either.

I can't believe I'm getting back on the horse.

If you had told me in Vancouver that I would be in London, I would have laughed in your face and called you names not commonly found in children's bedtime stories. Because Vancouver was just So. Hard. It was hard. It was sad, it was emotional, it was beyond exhausting. And most of all, it wasn't all that fun. And this is the Olympics! My dream job! The thing that I would sit glued to for hours every four years as a kid and picture myself at (specifically, as a russian figure skater wearing a blue dress with flowers up and down one sleeve à la katia gordeeva's long program dress in '88... )

So for the Olympics to not be fun was not only a bummer but sort of like someone had stolen Christmas. And I was not having a pleasant Cindy-Lou Who reaction where I was ready to go sing around a barren light pole and totally be cool with that.

But that was my initial reaction...

And then months started to go by. And I started remembering the quiet runs I would take in the morning where I would run past the Olympic rings on a barge. And I would remember the Canadians proudly walking down the streets draped in their countries flags. And I would remember the deafening buzz of adrenaline that would happen everyday.

But mostly I thought about how I still just love the Olympics. Giant, nerd-sized love for the games. How that ONE moment is all that matters. How these people have trained their whole lives for that one shot to be and do their personal best.

And oh man... thinking about that. Well, goosebumps time. And I can't let that go. Not yet.

So it's back on the horse but I have a feeling this time it's going to be different. I don't know if it's because I feel like I'M different or if it's because I just feel like IT will be different but, either way, I just have a good feeling. Or maybe I just have a lot of feelings in general. I think they have a pill for that.

Right now, however, the only pill I want is in the shape of 5 round rings. Interlocking, representing every countries flags. So poetic, it's almost gross.

So excuse me while I lose myself in a love affair with the games for the next month.

Salut, Jimmy!

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