Friday, February 19, 2010

sunny day!

I snuck out for a few minutes yesterday to snap some pics right outside the IBC. It's sunny and gorgeous here this week - 50's, sunny, perfect!

Members of Chezch tv doing some tv type stuff.
We have a fantastic view of the torch at the IBC because we have this giant patio thingy attached that overlooks the area the cauldron. The 'regular' folk either have to snap a pic through a chain wire fence or stand in line forever to view it from that walkway you can see in the background.

It's a gorgeous thing... it's also juuust the right size to climb all which, I'm guessing, is why they won't let anyone get anywhere near it. If you were quite monkey-like (or canadian and drunk), you could definitely figure out a way to shimmy up and into the fire. You know, a couple of shards of glass at the base of each leg would have take care of that and then the people could get close! I'm just saying... think outside the box!

The guy who writes "the ringer" blog on the site has been borrowing my camera every once in awhile to snap some pics of the stuff he's going to and as I was dumping pics onto my laptop this morning, I saw these two gems .... I realize that Canada is warmer than usual and all but these dudes are still on a mountain! Standing on snow! Watching snowboarding! God bless Molson.

And my favorite, favorite view at the Olympics

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