Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ahh, Lester.....

Ahh, life is complete. My first Lester Holt sighting. He was sporting his fancy nerd glasses, a navy blue puffy vest and an aura of charm, wit and cleverness. And, just like in Beijing, he was just hanging out in a research room at one of the computers doing his own research. No fancy office, no assistants, just Lester.

I think my new mission in Vancouver should be to just stop being a ninny-pants and go say hi.

This is the entrance to the IBC (International Broadcast Center)

I got home "early" from work tonight (if leaving work at 9:30pm is your definition of early. It sure ain't mine typically) and I was able to catch part of American Idol. At first I thought, oh great, I get to watch Idol! But then I thought, what the heck Canada, get your own idol! But then I realized I was actually watching a Seattle station.

I went to two different press conferences today - one for the Canadian men and pairs teams and one for the Japanese men. And today I discovered that my Canadian is much more fluent than my Japanese. Jess and I arrived late to the Japanese presser - at least 2 of the Japanese men speak English so I think we were both thinking part of the conference would be in a language we spoke. Nope! All Japanese. But lots of cute Japanese skater body language, THAT we speak.

I had to run back out to the entrance and grab translation headphones so we could understand what was happening. It's pretty cool, you put on these headphones and then translators, who are sitting in these phone booth type rooms off to the side, translate what they're saying for you. Very U.N.

Each time a reporter would ask a question in English, all three would valiantly try to understand and then sheepishly (adorably) grab the headphones for a translation.

Seriously, there is nothing cuter than the Japanese men's skating team. They are all about 4 feet tall, phenomenal jumpers and incredibly artistic. I would like my very own pocket-sized Nobunari Oda please. He skates to Charlie Chaplin in the free skate and it's one of my very favorite men's programs ever. He's just bubbling over with personality - even when he was sitting there in the presser, he just had this sparkle in his eye. I'd love to hear his brain for a day.

Canada's press conf was - ok, well, not exactly thrilling. Patrick Chan gave us a cute moment when asked about training in Colorado Springs by the Denver Press - he said he loves it "because it's blue skies and sunny. Toronto is grey and depressing." The entire room laughed and then the Canadian moderator/team leader quiped "That gasp you just heard was the Toronto Tourism Board."

One more day to the Opening Ceremony!

(a water fountain inside the Media Center)

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