Monday, February 22, 2010

"oh crap"

Man, I love being wrong.

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are in first after an amazingly beautiful, difficult, all kinds of gorgeous Original Dance and Meryl Davis and Charlie White are in second are an equally all kinds of gorgeous OD.

Russians are in third.

They should be in fourth, but whatever, I’ll take it.

Seriously – really, really happy to be wrong!

I am just going to be holding my breath until the free dance that the judges continue to do the right thing. If they do, I just might start skating again! Sochi 2014? Totally.

Last night was a crazy night in Olympic land. I was trying to pay attention to the skating but it’s really difficult when the entire room, building and country is watching the Canada-USA hockey game. At first we had two different feeds going on – the host feed and the NBC feed which was about 20 seconds behind the host. When USA scored their first goal, half of the room erupted as the other half looked bewildered. You could see everyone’s heads going back and forth between the two tvs trying to figure out what had happened. Someone quickly flipped the NBC feed to the host feed after that. No one wants to be late to the party – even if it does mean ignoring your own coverage.

Canada is handling the loss to the US much more maturely than I had expected. When the hockey producer came back, we were all hounding her about the game. I asked what the crowd was like and she said they were pretty tame because Canada never really had control of the game – so there was no time the fans could really get behind the team and go crazy.

They played the end of the game during the ice-resurface at ice dancing and the figure skating crowd saw Canadians lose. Apparently there was this weird hush over the crowd – people were just shocked.

Quote of the night went to Canada’s Scott Moir – when asked how he felt about the Canadians losing in hockey, he answered, “the same way I felt after hearing Charlie White’s OD score, ‘oh crap.’”

I left work around 10:30 last night and was planning to pretend to not be American for the walk home. But I step out and wait – where is everyone? The streets have been packed lately - like, Times Square on New Years packed - and it was almost a ghost town last night.

I'm assuming that everyone ran home to nurse a Molson – Canada shut down the liquor stores early last night to try and cut down on the public drunkenness.

It definitely worked! Everyone went home! Doesn't mean there wasn't still public drunken-ness though. I'm a bit disappointed at Canada's ability to hold their liquor.

I took the opportunity to do some shopping at the Olympic Superstore. Because shopping at 11pm is completely reasonable.

The lines at the Superstore have been crazy long. People have been lining up around the block to get into that place – and practically everything is already sold out! I didn’t see anything I even wanted to so I jumped out of the Superstore and went into the regular store part where I picked up a really nice USA jacket.

I also made the decision to return the Team Russia stuff. I just can’t get over what I saw at the Opening Ceremony. It still makes my skin crawl. There’s this huge part of me that will always still love the country because of how influenced I was by it as a kid… but I just can't do the jacket.

So since I can’t get comfortable with the official Team Russia jacket that I've coveted for so long, I decided to go with a Sochi jacket! The winter Olympics head to Sochi, Russia in 2014 and they’re selling some really nice stuff promoting it.

Sochi I can get onboard with.

Plus, the blue color is super duper cute.

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