Sunday, February 21, 2010

More cow bell!

Canada plays the US in hockey today.

I'm already planning on stopping off and picking up ear plugs so I can sleep tonight. The entire population of Canada has managed to squeeze itself into downtown Vancouver and ya know what? Canadians are really, really loud!

I fall asleep listening to the sounds of cow bell and "GO CANADA!!!"

And I'm on the 15th floor of this hotel.

I know that no matter what happens today in that game - there's going to be a lot of drinking and madness going on tonight. If Canada wins, the place will be off the hook. If they lose, I'm immediately adapting a canadian accent and maybe even dressing up as a mountie so no one will know I'm from the states. It would be a dangerous walk home tonight.

Kidding aside, it's been pretty cool to see all the excitement for the games here. The entire town is decked out in Canada gear, people are wearing Canada flag snuggies (not even kidding on that one) and random street hockey games keep breaking out.

They haven't been "owning the podium" like they had planned - but it's nice to see they're still having a darn good time.

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