Tuesday, May 5, 2009

so far in LA....

The universe has been very kind to me lately. I had asked it to send me deodorant and it did. I asked it for a trip to LA and it sent me a plane ticket.

The deodorant thing was pretty awesome - I was almost out and I showed up to bootcamp in the morning worried that I wouldn't have enough for work later on and poof - a woman arrives handing out samples from a giant box of exactly the brand that I would have bought! (dove cucumber clear if you're wondering what keeps me so fresh) So weird!

Similarly, I had asked the universe if it might, pretty please, send me to LA. I have been jonesing for a trip out to cali lately and my wish was granted in the form of a behind-the-scenes shoot this week.

But now the universe is playing terrible tricks on me because here I am in gorgeous LA (santa monica to be precise) and I have a cold/allergies like I haven't had in forever. My ears are on the verge of popping right off of my head - I think they want to go on a trip as well. I will not allow such trips. My ears need to stay on my head, thank you very much.

I have a half-marathon in 2 weeks and all I want to do is go for runs along the beach but noooo... the universe prefers me holed up in my hotel room, falling asleep at 4:30pm. So I am thinking that me and the universe need to exchange some words. I mean, that's awesome that the universe granted my two wishes, but really - why the mean taunting?

'Ok nash, you can go to LA but you're going to have to enjoy it from the vantage of your hotel window.' (I have an awesome view of the mountains so that's nice. Oh and there's a little baseball field below me so that's fun too. I watched a little last night and cheered on the team in the cuter uniforms)

Ok universe, you've had your little joke, now let me out! I'll bake you cookies or something! (crossing fingers the universe isn't familiar with my lack of culinary skills)

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