Friday, May 29, 2009

my better is kreepy?

I thought my obsession with Stacy Wall would end after my trip to LA but it lives on and on in the form of a song. I realize that written out, that admission is HIGHLY creepy. Actually - it's even creepy with a K. Kreepy. But there it is. I can not stop watching his Nike "My Better is Better" commercials and I can NOT get that song out of my head!

The song is "List of Demands" in case you too become obsessed and need to immediately download it into your music playing device.

"My Better is Better" commercial

After watching the commercial shoot for NM and the unbelievable minute detail that goes into every shot, I watch this Nike commercial with total awe now. I can not imagine how long it took to shoot this thing because for our commercial, we only had 2 sports, 1 "action" and that was a 3 day shoot. So with this - many different sports, a lot of different actions, talking.... oy. I hope someone brought my little mr wall a LOT of coffee because I would guess he didn't sleep for about a week during this shoot.

A commercial shoot is just a completely different beast - best worked on by extremely Type A personalities with a penchant for self inflicted misery.

And for more fun - memorize these lines and taunt your co-workers with them
My quick and my fast had a baby named McSpeedy

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