Thursday, August 2, 2012


Have you met Yin Alverez? No? Oh, that's too bad. Because I have. Soooo.... I guess that makes me pretty awesome?

(Yin Alvarez is Danell Leyva's step-dad and coach. And if you didn't get a chance to see it, Danell put up an AMAZING fight last night to come from 19th and grab the bronze medal in the men's gymnastics all-around. And his dad is what happens when you combine unbelievable pride with crack. And I mean that in the nicest way possible.)

Now, keep in mind that as I write this, I haven't seen the NBC broadcast so I have no idea what was actually shown. I'm just going off what I know did happen and what I'm 'guessing' they showed. We watch the entire feed and then in the 5 hours between when it happens and when it airs, NBC edits it  and prepares it for the primetime show. Mostly it's just cutting it down for time but sometimes it involves having the commentators re-call moments because of something that happened later. I.E. pointing something out that is going to become a major factor in the next rotation. Or, more likely, go back and call a routine or an athlete that everyone thought would be a non-factor and then the jerk steps up and does an amazing job and lands himself on the podium, in the process ruining everyone's perfectly planned scripts, segments, and blurbs. Grrr... athletes and their rising to the occasion......

Anyway - that didn't really happen last night. And that has nothing to do with meeting Yin Alvarez, it's just something that came out of my brain place and I wanted to share. You're welcome.

I'm getting to the place where I'm just a little dazed and out of it - I'm not tired, exactly, but I think I'm running on adrenaline reserves right now. I knew it was starting to unravel last night when it took me 30 minutes to write a single paragraph. Not even a whole paragraph - literally only 2 lines recapping Leyva's bronze medal win. And I couldn't. Do it. Just could not get my fingers to translate what my brain was trying to tell them to type. It was almost an out of body experience. A hilarious experience, luckily, since there wasn't a live event going on or anything - but I only had a few things to finish up and then I could leave and I reealllly wanted to catch that midnight shuttle. And my body was just not cooperating with my brain. I guess it wanted to stay?

When I finally got out of there, I sprinted towards the shuttles and CRAP. They weren't running. So at midnight with a brain that was the consistency of mashed potatoes (and not the good kind like my mom makes, more like the instant ones) I had to navigate my way home on the tube. Luckily, I've taken that route a few times but with 3 train transfers and platforms that aren't great on signage, it can get a bit dicey. Luckily, my mashed potato brain had something left and it safely guided my to my bed.

What am I talking about here? I think I meant to write about Danell Leyva's gold and how much I love his step-dad, Yin.

I have completely forgotten what I wanted to write.



Guess I'll do that later - let's just pretend we're still winning and call this post pointless exposition.

Oh - and one other thing because I like to disclose times that I'm really dumb - yesterday I was convinced that "school" was two syllables. CONVINCED.

Turns out it's not. In case you were wondering. And I made an absolute fool of myself because I botched what could have been an amazing joke with that dumb mistake. Nothing worse than a botched joke due to stupidity. Well - having a leg amputated would be bad, but the joke thing is up there.

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