Thursday, August 2, 2012


So I realize that some pretty amazing things happened yesterday at the Olympics - badmitton was embroiled in a major scandal, some people swam fast (saw OR a few times up there on the screen), Danell Leyva won a bronze medal in gymnastics and Kohei Uchimura - excuse me, KING Uchimura - won the men's all-around (he's the GOAT - I had to look that up but now I know and I'll use it forever. About myself.)  Some other amazing Olympic'ish stuff happened too.

But I didn't really pay attention to any of that - why, you ask with piqued curiosity?

Because the big news in my world was that Justin Bieber tweeted the U.S. girls gymnastics team a note of congrats and pretty much the entire world came to a halt.

I'm only just barely kidding.

Jordyn Wieber, excuse me, Olympic gold medalist Jordyn Wieber, has stated for a long time that her two goals in life were to win an Olympic gold (although I'm guessing she meant in the all-around ::sniffsniff:) and to meet Justin Bieber. After they won the gold, she tweeted out, "we're Olympic champions! Now can we meet Justin Bieber?"

Well, Ryan Seacrest had given the Biebs a heads up that they were dying to meet them so he ... omg, this is so exciting to type..... he tweeted them back!!!

So this was literally news in my world. See?

Pretty sure I could hear the girls screaming all the way from the Olympic Village.

Oh, yea, and Barack Obama called them to say congratulations too but seriously - who? Can that guy sing and dance like this???

I didn't think so.

I do sincerely hope that Jordyn gets to meet Justin because if that's what makes her happy, then she deserves it. (sigh - I still can't watch her face after her vault without getting a bit choked up.)

I have no doubt that the Wieber-Bieber thing is going to happen. Get ready America. We're about to get Ieberized.

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