Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow day! Has anyone seen my garden gnome....

YAY!! SNOW DAY!!!! I don't think I've experienced a full blown snow day in ... oh man.... FOREVER. I never had a true snow day in nyc - the one day it did dump a few years back, it was a saturday and then it just doesn't matter. It's like being given a pair of baby blue cashmere mittens and you live in Bermuda. Nice gesture but completely useless.

I have these little bobble head garden gnomes that live on my porch. I have three of them, but right now only two are living here. I believe the third one has taken a trip.... or perhaps - and it pains me to admit this - but perhaps he was gnome-napped. I prefer to believe he's just on holiday. It's easier than thinking of my little gnome being tortured by gnome-haters somewhere out there in the big scary world.

If you see my little gnome, please tell him I miss him. He carries an ax and goes by the name Lord Prissy Pants.

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