Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Clean family fun

My mom is one funny lady... but sometimes I have to admit I'm simply shocked by her potty humor.

Case in point: My mom is staying with me through the holidays and Monday morning was the first time she's been at my place in a very long time. Knowing that the smallest little misfire can send her headfirst into a wild uncontrollable satanic-like fury, I decided to leave her a VERY sweet, VERY helpful little note reminding her that my coffee pot has a tendency to spill so pour over the sink. How awful would it be to be trying for a simple cup of coffee and wind up spilling half a pot all over the counter and floor? It would not be a fun way to start the trip! So clearly - I was looking out for her best interests.

Me = good daughter. Possibly best ever.

Here is the note with the response my mother left me....

The note says "Remember to pour coffee over the sink - it drips"

The kindly motherly response was "Remember to NOT poop your pants!"

And people wonder where I get it from...

Aw, mom - she's one of kind, that lady.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

WOW!! And here I thought Peggy was as sweet and gentile as they come..... *sigh* The wool has now been lifted from mine eyes...

Lee :-)