Monday, December 15, 2008

my car tells me secrets

When I moved to Milwaukee, one of the things I was most excited about was the prospect of having a brand new car. Driving to work sounded like the most lavish luxury in the world after years of holding my nose on the subway. Now granted - me loves the subway at night when I'm drunk and it takes me home and I don't have to drive anything, but in the morning.... on my way to work... seeing feces is SO not fun. Which - weird, right? You'd totally think that would be party central time.

One of my favorite things about my car is it talks to me and tells me secrets. Like when the temperature drops below 39 degrees, a little ding warns me to bundle up and drive slower. When I have a flat tire, a lovely icon (that took me a few weeks to figure out what it meant) tells me I'm low on air. (I - on the other hand - am NEVER short on hot air. Ways me and my car are different) But the absolute best part is that it tells me when I'm down to a drop of gas. Which, unfortunately, is VERY helpful. I have not yet noticed when I'm low on gas until that helpful little light comes on.

How did I get so neglectful in the gas department? (snicker....) I am a fairly smart girl but my total disregard - unintentional disregard, but disregard still - for filling up my tank confuses me. I am so reliant on my car just telling me what it needs that I never bother to stop and ask it how it's feeling.

Dear car - how is everything today? Happy? Blue? Anything I can do for you?

But no - I just take, take, take from my car.

Car - I am sorry. I love you and your four wheels and your heated seats and your windshield wipers and your ipod dock. You make me very happy and I promise, from now on, to try and return the favor by filling up your gas tank without having to be reminded.

In an unrelated note - I am totally addicted to this boot camp thing I've been doing on and off since September. I got pretty much annihilated by Sandi, the "drill sergeant" this morning. We did sprints and all of a sudden Sandi is right behind me, chasing me, yelling "don't let me catch you!!!"

Let me tell ya - she did not catch me. She blames her shoes. I'm subscribing to the theroy that I was just wicked fast this morning. Hear that Sandi!! I was wicked fast this morning! HA!

(I'm sooooo gonna pay for that comment in the near future - but bring it on!)

The fun part about bootcamp is that I have noticed that my energy levels are out of control high lately - and I normally maintain a fairly high eneregy level so for me to say they're "high".... um, you've been warned. I also just signed up for a half marathon in May and I'm crazy excited about training for it.

What in the world has happened to me?????

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