Sunday, November 9, 2008

Running towards beer

Anything that ends with beer is pretty much guaranteed to be a good time. Especially coupled with the words "micro-brew" and "lasagna". (doesn't lasagna end with an 'e'?? Why is spell checker hating on me and telling me to end it with an 'a'? Screw you spell checker, except not really because I prefer to spell good)

Yesterday I went to boot camp in the morning; it was a 90 minute-er so I was prepped to get my butt kicked well and good and then spend the rest of the day recovering. As I'm dragging my very heavy backback from my car (did you know that putting weights in a backpack make it REALLY REALLY heavy? yea - weird) Sandi's husband Travis begins to taunt me by telling me about the race they're doing today and how if I did it, I would probably 'accidentally' do the half marathon (reference) HA. HA. HA. soooooo funny.

But then he said the magic words. BEER and LASAGNA. (ok, seriously - lasagna is a very difficult word to spell. Haven't gotten it right yet.)

I was in.

Ok, but on the reals - I was totally convinced after the mild taunting.

Damn me! So easily influenced!

The run pre and post activities were very fun - the run itself was completely miserable. 4.3 miles (a 1/6th barrel, marathon, ahh, so many meanings my head hurts - just tell me when the damn thing is over!!!!) Seeing as how I normally run 5 miles (when I actually run which lately hasn't been too often) and how 2 weeks ago I managed to complete a 15k, I should have been able to at least gracefully finish. Maybe not SMOKE the course, but at least look pretty at the end. Um, no. There is no looking pretty. There was discussion after the race that if only your running pants could at least TELL you that you look pretty - how awesome would that be? Can you imagine, you're huffing and puffing as you reach the 3/4 point in a run and from below your knees comes a sing song voice saying "oooh stacey, your hair has such a delicate golden glow today." Wouldn't that just feel amazing?


It was freezing, it was raining, it was windy, it was in Lake Mills.

Oh - and I had also done boot camp in the morning. I guess that made me tired? DUH. I swear to god - I've gotten a little dumb since moving to wisconsin. I guess not having to daily fend for my life by dodging taxis, homeless people, messengers, crappy bosses and rats has made me a bit slower.

But then the race was finally over and yay!!!! Warm tent! Beer! Lasagna dinner! Super awesome people! The running community is a new one to me and I have to say I totally get why people get addicted - the run is a high, but omg - the people freaking rock! It's like getting a gift and then another gift! Or - if you're AIG, it's like getting bailed out and then bailed out again!

(that Alanis Morrisette song just popped in my head for some reason - it's like Raaaii-ee-ain on your wedd-eeeee-ing day. It's a freee-eeeeee riii-ide and you've already paid.) Except that my point was not like that at all. totally different.

My point - I sort of love running now.

Thanks for the taunting!!

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