Tuesday, November 18, 2008

made em cry

I keep a tally at work of the people that I make cry.

Not in the mean way like I punched them in the face or I called them slutty trannies.

It's on a blue post-it and it refers to someone crying either during an on-camera interview or if they cry during showings of videos I've produced. I'm very proud of that tally. It means I moved someone or I helped someone reach an intense place. If someone cries on me, it's my own personal gold star.

....Today I made someone blush though and let me tell ya - that was just as fun! Normally it's pretty easy to shock and surprise people at work ... ok, well, basically I open my mouth here and I shock and surprise. But blush? That's not a normal reaction for me. Since, ya know - I'm so innocent and sweet and shy and all.

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