Monday, November 24, 2008

Cafe Borgia! It's where we always go!

Today I spent time with 3 of my favorite human beings on the planet (behind my mom of course - and some other awesome people). Todd, Sonja and Jake. We worked together at a place that was 'more like Cambodia than you'd think' and formed a bond that I will forever be grateful for. These three people make me very, very happy - but mostly I'm thankful that I'm not nearly as ugly as Todd because that boy has one hideous mug.

Today we were walking along and we noticed a store across the street that was called "Big Bags". Todd said I should I go in and ask for the smallest bag they have. Sonja then nudges us all and goes "look, it's Chris Noth!" We turn and look and holy crap - there's Mr Big! Except he's looking surprisingly haggard... and hungry. If I'd had a sandwich, I would have handed it to him.

The four of us walk past him nonchalantly trying not to stare and also trying to find adjectives to describe his appearance when Todd says "Mr Big went to Mr Big Bags"

ahhhh....... awesome.

Later we were walking through soho trying to find a place to sit down for coffee - we're walking forever and finally I'm like, Todd, where are we going? And he says in his best bronx/Guido accent - "cafe Borgia! it's where we always go!"

I can't explain it except to say that we never go to cafe borgia.

A French guy sat down next to Sonja and asked her where to find the statue of the lady with ten pairs of boobs. He was French. He mentioned that he was French. I think we would have figured it out anyway.

Oh - and Jake knew where to find the multi-boob statue.

Sonja ordered tea but service in soho isn't always what you call A+.... she got the tea, but no water. (I suggested she simply suck on the bag)

Earlier in the day I was having a very special moment of realization when all that is wonderful in new york hit me like a train and I thought to myself, why in the world did I ever leave this place?

Five seconds later I hit a patch of ice and fell flat on my ass in the middle of fifth avenue.

I now have a giant swollen very ouchy bruise on my elbow.... oh lady manhattan, you wretched evil whore.

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Sonja said...

Oh man, this was the greatest day of all time... And those are the greatest pictures of all time...