Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Where My Pitches At????

Well, it was not a spectacular debut for 'Where My Pitches At' - in our opening game we lost 0-16. (and hey - if this was football, that'd be a respectable score!)

Sigh... at least we looked good.

I signed up for a co-ed softballl league a couple of months ago because it sounded like a fun way to spend Tuesday nights over the summer - hanging out with some people, enjoying a good natured American past-time, post game beers, matching t-shirts, etc etc etc. Good stuff! (ok, I signed up mostly for the t-shirt) Of course, before I signed up, I checked, double checked and triple checked that this league was NOT COMPETITIVE IN ANY WAY.

No, seriously.


I once had a fairly traumatizing experience with a touch football league in ny - a friend convinced me to sub for a game one saturday morning and I thought sure, why not - sounds like fun! Well, first of all the game was in Staten Island.... that should have been clue enough. It wasn't. I'm not very smart.

I get into the van (yea - a van picked me up, clue #2) and am immediately handed a playbook. Not just any old playbook - this thing is LAMINATED.

A laminated playbook.

Ohhhh yeeaaa, this game isn't going to be competitive at all!

I had to play because there have to be so many girls on the field and I proceeded to spend the whole game looking like a complete dork. The ten-hut would go, everyone would scatter to their assigned place, I would run to where I thought I was supposed to go and then just stand there and wave my arms to signal 'I'm open! I'm open!' while the person who was blocking me would stand right in front of me and just sort of look at me dumbfounded.

At the end of the game, someone from the other came up to me and said "good game." I was so totally relieved that it was over and thinking 'oh yea, maybe I didn't make a total fool out of myself!' ... I answered the person "oh, thank you!"

I completely missed the obvious fact that this person was simply stating the time honored tradition of chanting "good game, good game, good game, good game" to everyone on the other team.


So, when the chance to play on this NOT COMPETITIVE co-ed softball league came up - I was understandably hesitant. I was convinced (promised) that it was just fun times.

Well - apparently the team we played tonight didn't get that memo as they packed mad skillz.

We got spanked.

BUT, we had an awesome cheering section - and by cheering, I mean drunk hecklers. We have pretty sweet baby blue t-shirts with our logo on it. (a dude swinging a bat that says "Where my Pitches At" on it - yes, sweet) So these drunkys in the bleachers (I think they were there for the other team but they might have just wandered in off the streets) I think they took pity on how terrible we were and they started cheering - good natured heckling - us. They had a lot of fun with the name (duh) and they also called us the "baby blues."

It's always fun to have fans - who cares if they're drunk and technically making fun of you.

Oh well, it's only uphill for the "Where my Pitches At" - I foresee a dramatic scrappy comeback story that will eventually be the inspiration for a Disney movie staring Bill Pullman.

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