Sunday, March 29, 2009

the secret ingredient

I have a relative who's name I will not name for the safety and sanity of all family members related to him. However, this mystery man's initials rhyme with SAG or BAG or HAG or CRAG for those of you that like guessing games.

The relative has a strange culinary shall we say, fondness, for making casseroles. His casseroles are legendary. Not because they're good ... er.... ok, well that's kind of rude but really - they're not always that good. Let's just throw the cards on the table bearing the weight of the casserole and be honest. They are always filling. And satisfying. And fill space in the stomach. But really, the best part about the casserole creation is the time you spend trying to figure out just what the heck is on your fork.

If your family ever struggles for compelling dinner time conversation, I highly recommend a casserole.

Over the Christmas holidays he treated us to one of his special casseroles and there was much lively discussion concerning what had made it into this particular one. It was.... um, well - it was mostly edible.

Today - mystery revealed! The secret ingredients were... may I have a cyber drum roll please....



Potato chips



1 comment:

Mr. Kelly said...

Lets ponder this for a moment, shall we?

1st- "CAG" likely learned all of his cooking skills by watching the "Chef" on the Muppet Show.

2nd- "CAG" keeps ALL leftovers and believes that a potatoe chip crust can revive leftovers that-
a. Shouldn't have been kept in the first place.
b. Are now sporting a new green furry coat.

3rd- "End of the Month Mystery Leftover Casserole" has actually hospitalized at least one person.